Mitchell Lift Boats, LLC. owns and operates a fleet of liftboats capable of working in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a company that prides itself on superior customer service. Its liftboats possess a proven track record of providing exceptional, versatile and reliable services. All vessels are USCG certified and are specially outfitted to deliver production related services in support of customers’ construction, maintenance and production enhancement projects.


At Mitchell Lift Boats, LLC. the vessels are operated by highly trained personnel who are committed to providing a safe work environment for our customers. Each employee receives extensive safety training that exceeds the industry standards. The personnel have a combined 200 years of vessel operation in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, there is a reputation and commitment to operating a fleet of highly maintained vessels. A team of certified mechanics, crane operators and port engineers continuously monitor the status of our fleet and adhere to a strict quality measures to ensure a high standard of operational reliability.